Chat for me and WinningMonkey, and Gabe_N About a collab




chat for collab with @WinningMonkey @Gabe_N and me here are the rules

Join anytime

Admin is only me so far

Admin is given to u when u are on this chat for at least 5 days

admin lets you tell ppl to delete there posts and ban ppl and kick them but you can't abuse your power or it will get suspended
Maybe a little bit or maybe forever you decide how you act on this chat

Stay on topic but getting to know each other is fine with me

Anyone is welcome

Anyone can get admin

I will check on this chat daily so if you have questions they will be answered in a day or so

To join you got to send a request and I will accept them and only me or other admin

Be nice and kind!

Thnx for reading the rules cause I gotta put restrictions like no off topic or no private info and u can only share a little bit of info

Mods get to tell ppl to delete posts but can't ban ppl or kick them


Hey I changed the title so it made more sense


Ok but we can't chat off topic then


I know I'm breaking ur rule :3 but can I join ur collab? Also I have the power to change the name of this whenever I want even tho I'm not the creator of this post :3
I also like spoilers :3
Spoiler about the iPhone 7 vvv
the iPhone 7 is water proof :0


Well we can't be to off topic otherwise we do get flagged


Sure u can join ( :


Yay :3 ..............


I'm sure you can join
Also cool spoiler​:sunglasses:


i only talk with spoilers from now on


@Gabe_N what country are you
For times


im in the u.s.a. And I'm in the eastern time zone


Ok I think that we are all in different time zones​:grimacing:


I'm up for another 2 hours until, midnight




Because it's 2:19pm for me on Sunday 17


It's 10:20 p.m. For me on Saturday omg are u in China or Asia?


I'm in New Zealand
You could have checked my bio​:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Neither lol monkey


About The Collab