Chat About Cloud Data in Hopscotch



Cloud Data!!!

What are your thoughts? Also leave your selection in the comments!

  • I think it's low priority.
  • Why should we have it? It's useless.
  • I REALLY hope it come eventually.
  • Scratch is awesome because of Cloud Data!
  • We are going to need 10^309 beta testers if we want this.
  • Hopscotch is so far behind in this. EVEN TYNKER has it!
  • Get on it Hopscotch Team!


What would you make with it? Leave your ideas in the replies!


This is not really hopscotch related. The forum is for helping others


No... cloud data in HOPSCOTCH o3o


Oh ok sorry about that (>_<)


o3o It's okay :slightly_smiling::slightly_smiling::slightly_smiling:


Cloud Data would be amazing! So many possibilities!


Yep! I agree to the 309th power!!! What would we make in it, I wonder?