Charecter limit in variables


So i noticed that there is no limit to the number of charecters you can have in a variable. This means you can get something like this:


Wow, that weird
You can write a whole story in those variables


A lot is 2 words not 1.


Dat wierd ████████████


And why should i care?


That is really weird. This bug could easily be solved though. If you type something long, THT could change so the variable ends with “…” in the editor when a certain anmiunt of characters has been reached.


There’s also no immediately obvious limit to the number to characters in the name of custom rule. So I use custom rule names to add notes about the code

And when the text gets longer than the Editor width it scrolls left/right with your finger, so you can easily read the entire text


That’s cool, lol. I wonder what would happen if you wrote something like a bazillion letters long


Well who cares, it snot going to impact the whole of hopscotch. There’s no need for a topic about it


I do what i want. There is no reason for this to be recycled or taken down anyways.


I accept


I guess that’s hopscotch’s version of commenting at the moment.


There’s also no limit to how many draw a trail blocks you can put inside each other


Yeh same with repete blocks and probably check once


The Hopscotch Team should add commenting. That would be cool. You wouldn’t have to make a project every time you would want to say something.


No not what your thingking. Its adding notes in code


I don’t get it?


Ohhhhhhhhhhhh… Notes in the code… That’s true then.


So like in python you can put #text here and it will leave a note in the code that doent efect the rest of the code. If you just typed something random into the python editor and tryed to run it it would give an invalid syntex popup, but if you use a # then it becomes a coment whitch does nothing code wise.

There very usefull for leaving notes, like im trying to make an rpg on phthon and i use coments to keep track of the list of items.



That’s cool I do a little bit of basic so I know what you mean