(CHARACTERS NEEDED) choose your own adventure!


Hi everyone!
So I've narrowed down my game to two different themes:
Zombie theme or Underwater theme
I am going to leave a poll up for 3 hours and see which one has the most votes.
From there I will need help from YOU for what the story and characters should be. So get those votes in!!!

  1. Zombie
  2. Underwater


P.S. Sorry I made conclusions to soon on the other choose your own adventure chat. :grimacing:


When you are done voting leave a comment of what you voted for!!!!


I chose Zombies!!!!!


Need more votes everyone!!!


But...but! Underwater is so much cooler!


ITS CURRENTLY A TIE!!! We need more votes for the tie breaker!!!


One vote decides it all




OH MY GOODNESS TIED AGAIN!!!! We need yet another tie breaker!


Chose underwater. I'm not a "Zombies r kewl" kinda kid.


The tie is broken. Underwater it is.


Now submit your characters you want to be in the game. No animals please!


Under the sea......


YEAH!!! That's great!


An emoji? Or just random????????


YES! Underwater! Can you use my OC?
Name: Seven
Hopscotch: LotsaPizza :pizza: :pizza: :pizza:
Traits: Divergent, insurgent, smart, clever
Description: Long pink hair with purple highlights, pink/green/blue eyes, scar on her face, shoulder shot, black sleeveless top, black ravens tattoos on her chest, and a swirly tattoo on her right arm.


Lol ok

Name: Carrie
Hopscotch: Creative Coder
Traits: stereotypical white girl

I want her to be the most useless character ever yet she's still there idk why

Maybe there's a huge twist in one ending where she's super important



Any of those emojis or Chillanna if you r doing hopscotch characters!


Gender: girl
Personality: lovable, cute, funny


Off to another root canal! :flushed::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: