Characters for OMIER: Breakout



My new game, OMIER: Breakout will be coming out in February, but I need your help! I need characters for it! Characters from games which were NOT featured! If you want to give me a character, just fill in this:


Name (of character):
Name (of game/project with the character):
Username (of creator):
Link (to project):



What do you mean by characters that aren’t featured?


They aren’t in a featured project


It has to be a character made in Hopscotch


I am excited! If you want, are you able to tag me when the game gets published?


Sure. But you’ll probably know before that.


Oops, wrong topic.


Anyone? I need characters!




What do you mean?




He means Toad, is that not clear?


I know, but it’s not a character coded on Hopscotch.