Characters don’t appear


I’m making a project for school and my code which should make it be visible at the start doesn’t work, I have this for 4 characters and all of them are invisible instead of visible.


I’m just going to restart.


Maybe say, “when game starts, set invisibility to 0%”


Bella is right, setting invisibility to 100 makes the object invisible


Setting the invisibility to 100 means the object will be 100% invisible and 0% visible.

more help

Setting it to 50 means that the object will be 50% invisible and 50% visible. Setting an object to 0% means that the object will be 0% invisible and 100% visible.
the set invisibility block sets the object to how invisible it will be, not how visible it will be. this block controls the opacity of the object, or how trandparent or solid the object appears.


I remade the same code in a new draft and now it works for some reason.


When I did that it was still invisible though.


Your character was originally invisible because your invisibility percent was at 100. This causes it to be completely invisible. When the invisibility percent is 0, then your character will be completely visible.

You also can avoid using the invisibility block in the first place, causing it to be visible until needed.