Character selection (please read)


I am working on a game and there is a character selection. I forgot some of the code and I was wondering if any one knew the code for seleting any two characters instead of certain characters that only go together.


Need help.


I Do Not Understand. Beep. Boop.


Set value to ___ if you chose the first character, set value to a different number if you chose another character, and make the code for the characters on the rule if value equals ___, or just make them do the things they'd do if they were chosen, but make them invisible.
Of course, make them invisible if they're not the selected character after the menu for selecting, because what if someone wanted to change it, and you had a long loading screen or something?
Edit: Or use Check Once if and Repeat Forever, When ___ = ___, or When 7=7 if you choose to take the longer route.