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This time don't get off topic. Thank you.


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@seawolfwerehorse well then why did you ignore this? Why did EVERYONE ignore this?


I didn't offer any characters because I'm working on my own characters, have to do homework, and I was getting frustrated over my iPad mini's lag when coding. I also was coding for 30 minutes or more, so yeah. I'll give you a character anyway.
A boy that is very curious and helpful, but is bored very easily, and hardly ever happy, enthusiastic, laughing, or energetic, and is mostly depressed and devoid of emotions ever since his father died when he was 10. He's now 12 and 1/2, and has little to no friends, other than a bird.
This bird always came to his house in the afternoon after he turned 11 and looked like it was listening to him when he was talking, and the boy became comfortable with him easily. The bird is social, a pigeon, a good listener, tries to stay hopeful when things get rough, but when it's really rough, he can't, and is very cheerful. The pigeon had an instinct to protect the boy when the boy became 10, and searched for a year before finding him and got very injured on the way, and still is. He can't talk, isn't a human, but is a little magical, and ONLY a little.
Name them yourself, I came up with the characters on the spot. Also make them look however you want them to, but make sure the pigeon looks mostly like a regular pigeon, and have the boy have either brown or black eyes.


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@GysvANDRegulus that is AWESOME!!! Nevermind about waiting, I'm using THAT!!!


Hey @Hoppertoscotch! Here is my idea:
Hi! I am Marline,and here is a little sliver of my life!
I jumped over the logs and tree stumps, looking for that one rock... I saw it the day before. My eyes had lit up, but I had left it alone for some reason. But, inevitably, I had to get it. The smooth texture and dull gray surface makes it look horrible, but I saw hope in it. I saw pride, and I just couldn't escape it. Oof! I look down to see the rock. It grew. I blink, once, twice, then look again. I look up. "I'm Newt. Nice to meet you!" I fall back, sputtering. Tall...blond...British...boy....came out of nowhere....
"Stop sputtering and greet me already," he spat at me.
"M-Marline, Marline. Hi... Newt," I say. Newt smiles at me and offers his hand. I take it. With that, the ground evaporated and Newt stared at me. "What's happening?!?" I scream. Newt just stared at me as we continued falling through the whole, our hands still locked. "Marline...I don't know."

So, Marline.
Girl, pitch black hair and sea green eyes, serious but sweet, lovable. 16 years old. Relationship with Newt: Lovers??
If you want to do Newt:
Boy, blond hair, British accent, brown eyes, cute, funny, serious, 16 years old. Relationship with Marline: Lovers???



Also I changed the topic title title because of the reason you closed your other one, I hope that's okay with you, @Hoppertoscotch


@LotsaPizza, I WOULD love to use that, but thing is, I already got the story in my head. And well, what you did really didn't fit anywhere. I'm fine with you changing the title!