Character Design Contest?



Okay, so I was thinking...
What if we had a drawing contest where you can use Hopscotch or paper to design a new character for Hopscotch?! @Liza @alish Wouldn't that be cool? We could have those who enter make background stories for them, too! And, if we can do this, you would have to color them and give them a name! Is this allowed? Or not?




@alish @Liza
i shouldn't spam should i


That would be cool!!


I think this would be a creative way to have more characters :wink:


@RubyWolf1 Yeah, it would be awesome! I think.
@RainbowGalaxy I'll go email the Hopscotch Team about it!


Alright, done! And Support just received my message!
Awesome! I wonder if this could actually happen? Anyways, I have to go! See you all later.


Like IKEA? Where last year they asked some kids to draw their imaginary toys?


Yeah, kinda!
I guess? Lol