Chara’s gt: welcome Undertale fans!



Hi! I’m LittletaleChara!
I am new to the forum and I have some questions!
1.) What is regular?
2.) What are general topics?
3.) Can I post art?

If you know the answer please reply being specific!


Here are some answers, @LittletaleChara.

Regular is a one of the highest trust levels on this forum. With the regular trust level, you can access different things that other people can’t access.

General topics are topics where you can talk about whatever you want to talk about.

Yes, you can post art here, but can only post it on the drawing topic that is being used.

Hope you find this helpful!


Hope you like it here

  1. Regular is when you are on the forum for 100-50 days
    2.General topics are topics that you make that you can talk about many things.
    3.Yes, you can on this link herePosting your art(tap on this)


Thank you!!!
;3 ;/ ;0 ;w ;p


You’re welcome! Want me to friend you?


Do yo7 like Undertale?


Oh, haven’t played but LOVE the pixel art!


Hey @LittletaleChara be back soon gotta do something…


OK see you later
2 0 c h a r a c t e r s


All your questions have been answered! Also, to get past the “20 character rule”, you can use brackets like this:
<type something here but only use lowercase letters and no dots>
That text will show up in the post editor, but not in the actual forum reply, which is useful if you want to type something that has a character count of less than 20.


Regular is a trust level that only the best people have or whatever

Someone else already said what a GT is I’m sure

Post art on the art topic or on a general topic

Yay undertaaaaaale


Yay undertaaaaaaale
Whos your favourite character?

  1. Chara
  2. Sans
    3.Flowey/omega Flowey/Asriel/The God Of Hyperdeath

Favourite songs:
2.Megalo strike back
3. Finale


Oooh… At hopscotch (the app) for one of the games I had to draw me BLENDING FLOWEY in a blender…


I’ve heard a lot about the game… I just havent gotten around to it…




I would have to say


And my favorite songs are

Here we are

And my favorite AU songs are megaloglamour, underswap sans’s theme and any AU version of CORE


Most of your questions have been answered, but welcome to the forum! Let me know if you have further questions!!