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Hello everyone! Here you will find prompts for the #movies tab! Good luck!

Current them: restaurant.


Hello sir may I take your order?


Yes of course.

I would like a chicken salad.


And what kind of tortilla do you want?


Tortilla? I ordered a salad though.


Yes, but most people order salads when they actually want tacos.


I don’t eat carbs though I read on webmd that they cause cancer


No webmd says everything cause cancer. You’re thinking of cars, they cause cancer according to webmd. Anyway, I’ll get your tacos made.


Good. I am done ordering now.


In that case, take a seat, I’ll get the hair and makeup guys.


Hair and makeup guys!?


Yes. We give hair and makeup for only an additional $50 fee.


Well I don’t want hair and makeup.


Too bad because it’s mandatory.


I am just going Now, goodbye.


Well. We lost another one.


I feel like all these people look exactly the same.


And have the same name. I want to meet someone not name Sir.


Hello sir. Don’t go in there it’s a scam.


Well sir, it’ll probably be better than those spam restaurants that are literally everywhere.