Changing the size of text throws off its position

1 sentence description of the problem: when i edit the content of a text object in the editor in such a way that changes its starting width/height [e.g., “petrichor is superior! praise petrichor! -1 -1 -1” is much longer than “h” and will therefore take up more space in the editor], this initially aligns the new text to the old text’s top-left corner, but attempting to move it, or interacting with it in any way, will throw off its position as though it were aligned to the old text’s center.
Steps to reproduce the problem every time:

  1. make some text
  2. change its length in a very noticeable way [much longer or much shorter]
  3. drag it around

I expected this to happen: it to move to where i try to drag it
But instead this happened: it suddenly jerks toward the old object’s center, and maintains the same position relative to my finger

Device details:


That’s weird…
It’s probably glitching.
I’m not an expert in these things


never has happened to me. Probably because of the -1 part, I assume.

(I haven’t seen the video, just the text given)