Changing the default settings- Idea for Hopscotch



Hi! As you know, in Hopscotch projects/drafts there will be a default setting on most things... For example, when you use an increase value block the default number in the bubble will be one, until you change it. And for all characters and objects, the default speed is four hundred. But one if you could change the default settings to something you preferred more? Please tell me what you think of this idea. Thanks for reading!


Good idea. I wouldn't really change much, though I'd change set to a single digit.




Yes that would be good! I use values tons!

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It's nice! But instead of making a whole new topic, you could post in this topic!


(Well I like to make a new topic for my bigger ideas and ideas I want more feedback on)


Great idea! That would be cool.


Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!


Oooh I was actually peeking in Hopscotch's JSON and yeah the default value is there as something that can be changed

here for Grow by, the defaultValue is 50% you can see

this is kind of pointless, me sharing this :sweat:, but can see probably it is something they can change :slight_smile:


That's really cool!