Changing the code style for hopscotch new idea for update


Do you think there's a way to get your screen like this for hopscotch:

Cause I want to see how to code on computers and stuff. I want to learn how to do it without the blocks, if not could you make that an option!


That would be a really great option! I think the aim of Hopscotch though is to make it easier to get introduced to coding and not have to worry about typing errors, so we can just drag and drop blocks.

Being able to type code on Hopscotch would be cool but I guess there are other sites for that and I like the simplicity of dragging blocks on Hopscotch :smile: Thank you very much for sharing the idea with us :smiley::smiley:


@JumpyJose, that could be awesome for advanced coders or coders who can do this. But I think the whole point of Hopscotch is to make coding way easier! And also, all you have to do is drag out the blocks and just almost create any project out of it,


Yeah, it's a good concept, but doubt it would work. Hopscotch is in a way it's own programming language, so it wouldn't make sense to add other things.

It's like you go onto a website dedicated to only HTML and there is JavaScript or something.

There's other places for that! For example, I use Khan Academy to learn other code.


All good points, maybe a button a to push that lets you see it in the format?


That would be cool, pressing a button to see code in the form of text :smiley: It'd be a great way to introduce us to text code.


Please do this. I am somewhat talented in python(data types, classes, inheritance) and would LOVE to be able to do stuff like this.