Changing size is weird as the first block in a game starts rule

If you change the size of an object using any size related blocks in the first block of a when game starts rule, the width and height do not change by the next frame, except on the first play.

It is easiest to see with code like this:

I use this bug for most of the restart detectors in this project:

This does not affect browsers.

It could be that the second frame is being started before the width and height is set on restarts, but the extra delay between the two on the first play gives it enough time.


This is really weird…
Very random

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good bug= helps you
bad bug= doesnt help you
normal bug (house) = doesnt do anything
oh my gosh second post in the Lord Petrichor’s topic lol


This happens all the time to me, but I always thought it was meant to be there to help you with the delay to show how much the object changed.


Hmm, very weird indeed. I don’t work much with characters or shapes but I noticed indeed the same thing when I tried out your code.


I don’t think that I have ever attempted to put a size block in the first space. Normally it is the position for me, so I have never noticed it.

It mostly becomes an issue when trying to use set origin.