Changing Quiz! *questions needed*



I am currently working on a quiz, but it isn't the normal kind where the questions are always the same. I am making a quiz where the questions change based on what you answer! I got the idea when I played some aptitude tests after PopTart0219 announced she was making one. But I need help thinking of questions to include. I already have 13, and they're like "What do you do in your free time?", "Which place looks the best to be at?" and "Which is closest to your favorite food?". Thanks guys!


Guys, I need more questions still because I'm almost done coding the ones I already have. And since I forgot to include this in my first post, the quiz is to find what Hopscotch character you are. The result is supposed to be simple since I've never done this kind of quiz before.


How about something like "Which word describes you the most?" !


Which villain do you think suits you best?
Darth Vader
Lord Voldemort
Nevel Papperman
A Rat


I like your ideas! I'll add them in @DancingLollipop and @friendship2468.


What do you find mist admiring about someone:
Their wealth
Their kindness
Their smartness


What are going to be the answers??




What is your favorite colors?

Blue or/and Orange (Dino)
Pink (Cupcake)
Purple (Star Girl)

(If you need to, add more colors :wink:)


No, @DragonLover975! :wink:


Are you a boy or girl?



Maby 2 personal @JaggedJeans but something else


Which traveling style do you prefer most?
Flying in a airplane
Driving a car
Sitting in a bus


There is billions of boys and girls in the world, but if it IS too personal, then @DragonLover975 doesn't have to add it.


What is your favorite season?


Which reflective object do you like best?
Which of these things do you think is the most essential to life?
Do you like memes?
Which metal/ore do you like most?
Which of these animals do you like best?
Which breakfast item do you like most?
How good do you think you are at coding?
Which do you value most out of these?
Which of these are you most?


I already suggested "What's your favorite color?" .-.


Sorry, didn't see.


Honestly, I really enjoy these quiz games. How about what your overall personality is?


I know a question you can add!

Question: Which computer game suits you the best?

A) Transformice
B) Animal jam
C) Club Penguin
D) Other