Changing Project Names?



Okay, so I'm preeeetty sure a project of mine used to have a different name, but then it changed? The Hopscotch Team can change project names? Also, I've seen recent remixes that have the old title on them too, so the project has the old name, but remixes have a new name when they're changed, so is there a way to make remixes have the new name, and why doesn't it make the remixes' name change to the new one?


Yes! I need this! Also, can there be a feature where you can edit the project without republishing? (Sorta like editing a post on the forum) I've seen the most careless and hilarious (rhymed :P) typos and mistakes in my old projects, but at the same time I don't want to unpublish them.


That happens to me! In my LavaRUN game that got lots of hits had a ton of typos and things that didn't work in it! I was like cringe over here, cringe over there, ahhhh cringe cringe cringe