Changing Names on the Forums? Should It Be Discoursed?



Hello, t1_hopscotch!

I want to change my username to LikeaGirlStarlight. Can you please change that to be my forum username?


I don't think we are changing anymore names because if we changed your name, everyone would be requesting a name change, and the discourse notification system might break.


@Kiwicute2016 should I delete this topic?


Oh no. Don't delete it. I think that it will be good for others to see and not ask the same question .:wink:


@Kiwicute2016 tell me what you think :wink:

If it's a super small change, like a number or a letter, I think it would be okay to change, but if it was a large change, like changing from DappleDopple to FlameFox, then it wouldn't be okay to change


@PopTart0219 is it okay if my name could be changed from LavenderLovinNerd to LikeaGirlStarlight, or is that too big
of a change :question:


That's probably too big of a name change, but feel free to change it in Hopscotch :wink:. With @Kiwicute2016, it was a small number, so it wasn't a major name change :slightly_smiling:


I don't think that it matters because the original name is just an object as a whole, for example, it takes your name as a square, and your new name is another object, like a circle, to the system.




So, if you just changed the capitalization, nothing would change except for the capitalization in your name, no old mentions being broken?


It would still change the mentions because "Hi" is different from "hi".


Yes, I see, but there are mentions that have the wrong capitalization of names and it still links.


Let me test something.
@GYsvandregulus, I don't really know about that.


"Name change" from the title seems good but I thing "discourse" part of the title isn't ok.... I thought it was about that discourse changed their name!


I can change it for you :slightly_smiling:


Yeah I did too!


Cool thanks it makes much more sense now!


@Isaacwotwot, have you realized my name change? It is now @Phase_Admin!


Yes I have :smile: :wink: