Changing my name on Hopscotch!



Okay I'm LITERALLY just changing 1 emoji in my name. From this​:angel:🏼 to this​:innocent:! Not really important though. I also really want @Liza 2 notice me, so I'm gonna need some help from...


Plz help! Oh and I am NOT begging for attention, just to clear the air. Thank you!



What am I supposed to do XD


I'll help! And actually, you know that account called "MYD and Tankt2016's Art" you follow? I'm part of it! :smiley:


Help me make a big extravagant project so @Liza notices us. The Hopscotch Team, too. Got it, @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf?


K. So like a collab?


Ya I guess. It'll be called "TheForumKids". K?




I'm on it right now.


Followed the both of us


Thank you for tagging me, but I am in quite a few collabs right now. Sorry! :smile:


That's fine, @Dude73!