Changing Forum Usernames?


Help me!

I'm sorta trying to rebrand myself as Jojo instead of JojoDude and the Forum is big place to start!

On Hopscotch, it's not too hard to change names and I've heard that moderators can change ohter level's names if they want to.

Is there anyway that I can make this possible?


I don't think you can manually change your username now, but I think a moderator can do it, I'm not sure. XD


I don't think you can yourself like what @Maltese said!
Mods can (I think)
But if you change your name it breaks all the tags though.


You only can change it when you first start.

Thats why I started this account.

My old one was @Unicorn


Yes, there is. I won't (and mostly no one will) tell you about it, because I/we think it's for the greater good of the forum.


How? If you aren't going to say then why say you know?


WHy not JoJoDude?

XD maybe the hs team can


I think everyone has the right to know that they can and @JojoDude asked if there's some way to make that possible , but they say that the forum will lag because of the changing of usernames, so that.

Also, you can ask the HS forum team, like @Murphy1 (and more) suggested,


Well, unless you start a new account, no. There is a way the moderators can do it, but that breaks the tags..


Ask THT, I think you canĀ“t change your name yourself.


I don't think THT will do it it will break the tags


You can, but it makes the forum kind of glitchy.




There's a way to do it that makes the Forum glitchy?

I won't try it without permission for THT, but how?


Well, the admins/moderators have to do it for you. :P


Ah, I see.

I guess I'll just have to make a second account or something and just swap everything with my name in it to Jojo.


It can be done and won't make anything lag or anything like that :slight_smile: You'd just need to ask THT/forum staff and note that yeah @mentions to your previous name will break I believe.


Well... I wish I had seen this 2 months ago :sweat_smile:

Oh well. I made a new account.