Changing code - CTRL+SHIFT+C



I do it on a chromebook at school!


I can’t “inspect element” on mine. It won’t let me change anything.




On mine, it’s CTRL+SHIFT+I, but I can’t change anything.


That’s strange…


Not even that will do anything.


Try pressing F12?


Wow! This is super cool! I will try changing some codes on my computer! There is a cool plugin named “Stylish” for some browsers that can change the look of a website, and you can upload your edited websites and apply designs right in your browser. I used that plugin a few years ago, but I know that it is still available.

@Healeybot1 Which browser are you using? You could try right clicking on the page and choose something like “Edit source code”, “view code” or something similar to that.


I’m using Chrome. The only browser that can be used on Chromebooks.


Chromebooks don’t have function keys.


Then, I think that you can right click and choose “View page source” or something similar to that.


I can’t change anything.


Wow, that’s really weird.


Yoi cant change everything - just some code. Doubleclick to change it


It doesn’t do anything when I do shift+cntrl+C


Are you using a mac? On my mac, Its command+Shift+C


How do you change the actual google word?


Its really confusing, because GOOGLE is an image. Just hover over the word “google” and it should take you to a ceratin place in the code. Change all the things that say google to something else


Okay, thanks for that, guess i can’t change Google!


Here we are! @FluffyMice!