Changing code - CTRL+SHIFT+C



Has anyone ever done CTRL+SHIFT+C on a laptop? When you do it you can see the code of the website you are on and you can actually change it! It’s actually really fun changing the code! Post pictures of websites that you have changed here.


Cool topic! I’ll post some!


This is basically the only thing I can do!


If you do CTRL+SHIFT+C and then hover over the „Im feeling lucky” button, You can change the text


Really? I’ll try.


Cool topic!

Sadly i can’t do that on my ipad…




Look at the first two categories!


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I shrunk google!

Tiny google




They said that?



No, that was just an example of what you can do by using that trick



i was thinking, that doesn’t sound like them and was bout to ask if she edited the photo.
thanks xD


oh my god that’s so cool!! ;0;


Woah, this is amazing @FluffyMice


Thank you @Dolphin_coders and @photographer123!


Is it hard, to do or relatively easy?

secrectly tags @glam_unicorn hope she will get on the forum one day and look at this


Np. ;/


You just do CTRL+SHIFT+C and then you can edit the code.

So its pretty easy, I guess