Changes to the forum



Hey, just to let everybody know. GTs are getting closed and archived right now and switching to depreciated.


They have been for hours


Yeah. My GT got closed 2 hours ago I think.


Aaaand there gts go.


There goes my friendships , yay.


This is blowing up my notifs XD
Every time a topic gets moved to deprecated it says the person replied, and I’ve got like 50 topics on watching so


It’s happened 200 times for me


Wow oof that’s a lot of notifs


Thank you! This answered my questions.
And there is still absolutely no communication out of the forum?


Who are you friends with :smirk:


@leaders, am I allowed to have a topic where I post projects/experiments I’m doing on Hopscotch? Kind of like a general topic, but actually code related?


I believe @Ana is making one big topic for everyone to do that, if she hasn’t already.


Yes. No communication outside the forum.


Yeah, that would probably work. I was just wondering if I could have a topic where I can post what I’m doing, explain it, etc. and have it be isolated, so it could be separate/more organized

If not, that’s fine! Just wondering. :)


Wow… hope people don’t leave…


I totally understand where you’re coming from. You could always make an appeal to her about it.


Okay, thanks for the help!


No problem!


I just saw a lot of topics that got closed that’s actually hopscotch related. 2 of my topics that were hopscotch related got closed. If this is supposedly to be a forum for hopscotch, maybe keep the hopscotch topics. The 2 of my topics were dead anyways so it doesn’t matter but I still wanted to point it out.


Some of those topics we have been keeping, but if a topic has run its course or hasn’t been used in a while we’ve been closing them.