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This is a perfect response. Completely agree with everything you said. When the old leaders were taken away, this whole place completely devolved. It absolutely makes sense for the forum to revert to how it was, because the purpose of the forum is to talk about coding. Your grocery store analogy is great, and really puts into perspective how counterintuitive it is to have a coding forum that doesn’t focus on coding. As someone who has now (mostly) moved on from Hopscotch, I completely second your point about what it can do for kids. Hopscotch piqued my interest for coding, and I have now been able to move onto coding in other platforms/languages. I wish you guys the best in fixing the forum, but seems like you’ve got it under control! :)


Oh hey Gilbert! Long time no see


Dude, totally feel free to come on and contribute your experience and help with the vision! Young adults really thrive when someone they look up to shares wisdom. :+1:t4:


Woah, I don’t think anyone could of said better!


I’m sure people would love to hear from a more experienced coder!


Could you post links to Scratch projects?

Mathgirl your SC projects are amazing


Yeah scratch projects are allowed


Oh yeah! This is exciting!


R.I.P. #gt category

This category was short-lived

You will be remembered


Wow how fun! So my idea of a zoomed in picture game branching off the existing but only in HS projects might eventually be able to happen

As for everything else, well said


After all, this IS a coding forum.


I’ve been planning to write this for a while so:

First off, the forum is a place for coding, as you stated, not a social media site. I understand that leaders are trying their best, and we should all give them time to settle in as people are becoming familiar with the concept of having leaders again, or maybe even for the first time.

Secondly, getting rid of GT’s was inevitable, and even though people are going to be upset about it, but it’s for the best, and hopscotch’s main objective is to prepare us for future careers, and GT are not really going to do that, so honestly it would of been a bad idea to keep them

Thirdly, Hopscotch teaches us many things, we just don’t realise how much we can get out of using the app as a lot of users, such as myself, come on here just to chat on GT’s and not really participate in coding related stuff. I think that now they are gone, a lot more users will be motivated to code, and that’s what THT (I think) want. The forum is for talking about HS and coding, not for asking someone “What’s your favourite song”, as an example as this is not a social media site, and it was never planned to be.

Forth, the leaders are doing a very good job of having the forum under control. This must be a difficult thing to manage, and I understand them!

Everyone has different opinions about this situation so I couldn’t speak for everyone when I was writing this post!
But in summary:
Users who are against this
They are upset that GT’s are going, but hopefully in the long term they will recognise the effects this had on them. A lot of older users will remember when HS was popular, and it was basically just coding based. However, they are trying to get CoF as a way to talk someone, when there will be one big GT so they can still talk to people, but the DT will still be open, at least for now and forum games might come back, who knows?

Users/Leaders who don’t mind or support this
They all know that this ‘transition’ as you may call it is for the benefit for everyone, and it will have positive impacts on the forum, but it may have negative ones, only time will tell

This is my opinion about this whole thing, so I am very sorry if you disagree!


Definitely well said @Silverdolphin :smile:


haha thank you!


Will discobot spam be a thing after today? Discobot needs to really calm down in my opinion…


Yeah, but very rarely


Yeah but it prob won’t be used much.


what does that mean?

when would it be used?


It will be a thing, but since there will be no gts, I don’t think it will get used much.


I might stick around for a while. I redownloaded Hopscotch; if nothing else, it’ll be cool to reflect on the things I made 2/3 years ago. Coding on Hopscotch is one of the reasons I’m considering going into a career dealing with coding/software/etc., so if I could be of any help to someone here, I’d love to help out.