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I will give @Ana time to answer. She is a lot more trustworthy (as a moderator).


She’ll say the same thing…?

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Great question. I guess that we will have to figure this out. There is a possibility that there could be one separate topic with tag lists or something…


I think you can go to the request a custom group topic for that


t1 and Ana probably won’t do that.
Not for a while at least.


No probably not, but you should be able to discuss tag lists, or go to my topic Custom Tags w/o custom groups


please tag me next time
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I’ve seen CoF many times, and I’m not trying to mind anyone’s business, what does that mean?


Communication Outside (the) Forum


Ok thank you


Exactly. I think the topic was closed (but they can always reopen it)


im assuming that the new general discussions topic on the 9th will only be for code related things, but id still like to confirm that


It took me forever to figure out what IC meant.


yup, one general updates topic, but you can have your own academy topic


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@Murphy1, I doubt I’ll answer to your complete satisfaction, but I’ll do my best to help.

First, I noticed that you’ve been on the forum since 2016. Thanks to my own kids, I have some off and on knowledge of the dynamics from those days…when things were coding focused and before GTs were introduced. The forum revolved around the app…and that is what THT is trying to restore.

Simplest answer? The forum turned into an unfunded social media site.

Second, the only stupid questions are ones asked with no concern for the answer. I, too, have had the same question about deprecated until I started training the Leadership team. Basically, it’s a category that shouldn’t be there any longer! Lol! Remember the early days? There were, what, three categories? When the forum underwent its early changes, many of those original topics were simply moved to deprecated to be dealt with later…and then mods left and the initiative was abandoned, so what remains is a forum anomaly…a “graveyard” of sorts. One of the “hidden” responsibilities of the new Leads are to take care of such topics. There is a lot that the team does behind the scenes to clean out the old. This is just one of those jobs.

As for the Drawing Topic, that is under review for a future date. Forum games will be discontinued for the time being. But, depending on how respectful users are during and beyond this transition, they may be revisited. In fact, the general attitudes and respectfulness of the community and the forum guidelines will determine a lot of things for the future.

Third/last. I absolutely believe this will change the forum for the better. The purpose of the forum is to channel new coders, challenge them toward greater skills and eventually send them off into higher languages and platforms. And I don’t even work for THT. I’m just a parent whose kids code. Hopscotch inspired my oldest (now in college) to go into programming, so I know the potential is real. I anticipate that the restored forum will do that for other future programmers and developers.

I know you feel the new Leads are more strict…but in context, it only has that appearance because there was almost no moderation for close to two years. That was enough time for new people to join who never knew a time of moderation. For a while, things will seem tighter. But, like a new pair of shoes that fits snug at first, eventually things will grow comfortable within the new boundaries.

Talking about life outside the forum…that should always and only be reserved for irl family, friends or social media of which your parents approve. Hopscotch is a business. Like any other business, they promote their product. But it is a fun product geared to prepared kids for their future.

But maybe it would be easier to give you a real life example: the grocery store. When you go grocery shopping, you walk in, get what you need, check out and leave. Occasionally, you may have a local store that sells local products and if you are a local producer, then you will go to the grocer and give them your product.

When I go to the grocery store, it wouldn’t make sense for me to show up day after day for hours on end just to chat with other customers about my or their life, right? There are parks and social events for that.

However…You’re worried about everything being always and only coding related? My answer is still seen in the grocery store. It is very common for people to chat with the cashier when they’re checking out. Casual and brief. Many people go through the check out and never say more than thank you (if that!) to the cashier. But none of them chat endlessly with the clerk about life. Not only is that disrespectful to the company and the clerk’s time, but it is rude to the customers in line waiting to be helped. Ana and the leads expect there to be a transition time while the community learns to “GBOT”, but keeping this example in mind should help.

Hopscotch wants you to have fun…but within the context of the Hopscotch app, coding/programming languages, and creative ways to use such. Just like the grocery store. There’s fun stuff inside alongside productive stuff, but in the end, it’s a business that is trying to help promote coding and prepare you for your future.

Speaking of preparation for your future… When all is said and done, that is the end goal for Hopscotch. Coding on the app was never meant to be an end-all-be-all. The purpose is to introduce coding in a way that makes easier the transition to traditional and higher-level languages and app development.

So, does that mean that the target audience of Hopscotch is only coders? Nope. In my own family experience, Hopscotch was a means to help guide or eliminate future career possibilities for my kids. As I mentioned before, one wants to be a programmer or game developer. But others have found varying interests through their use of HS: graphic design, writing, music, etc…and one even ruled out any such interests. So, in the end, Hopscotch is still fulfilling its purpose: preparation for a future career in real life. And the forum is meant to support that.

If you stay, see Hopscotch as helping you find your niche in your future life in the adult world. If you have a hard time seeing this, then you will probably find another platform more to your liking. Either way, I’m sure you have friends who will support your decision.

This was much longer than I intended, but I hope you feel that I’ve tried to answer your questions?

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i was wondering if we were to talk or discuss about educational things (such as books, history, math, etc.) that are not related to coding, if they would be marked spam or off topic?

i don’t think i worded this correctly, so if it doesn’t make sense then i can elaborate on it


Mmmmmm talk about those in the new general discussion topic that opens tomorrow.

Other than that I will ask Ana


okay!! thank you for replying and asking THT lol