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Dmf was banned for CoF, not for voicing his opinions


I know. 75% of the forum needs banned in that case though. Most of us have communicated outside the forum at one time or another.

The Roblox account that @HopscotchRemixer gave us for him was created when he was 3 years old. That’s one way to protect your information: just give people false accounts.


Gee, thanks!!
Really nice


I never gave you my Roblox account lol.

Roblox didn’t exist when I was 3


True. But I wouldn’t think that was traceable unless another user liked the post. Then again, I’m being watched.


We are always being watched.


I can’t find where I think you said it. I might have just gone crazy XD


I understand the frustration of losing gts

We’ll just have to see what happens


There needs to be more economical consideration with marketing. I have already expressed my opinion on meritocracy, but now I feel that I must acknowledge how Hopsotch is seen by outsiders.

“For it is the lower classes that are the foundations of humanity”

What I refer to, by the quote delineated above, is that we must attract and seduce the novice,

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You are very very right

this is my old account btw


Take a look at my GT…



(But it is possible that GTs can be made code-related and such.)


Once the topic for project updates is made, would it be okay for someone to make a tag list for updates on their projects specifically? (I know there’s a feature which allows people to see only a specific person’s posts in a topic, but even with that some people may want to be notified when that specific person’s made a new post in the topic.) If so, will people who create a project tag list after April 9 announce said tag list in the project update topic, announce it in a separate topic (to avoid tag lists clogging up the project update topic), or will they just start mentioning the tag list’s existence in each of their project updates?

Sorry if that didn’t make sense, I can try rewording/clarifying some things if that’s the case.


I, unfortunately, have to agree with you.


Yes and no, depending on what you’re willing to see. It is a very good point, but THT seems to have planned this over the course of a couple months, and this actually isn’t so fast a change. If it was, they’d give no warning, select leaders, and delete all the topics immediately. They have also considered that people will leave and want to protect us from potential “things that can happen on the internet”.

I’m 90% with THT, with the 10% just being unsure.

Note to Self: Check the Replies before posting next time (wrote all of this, then saw Ana’s reply and your note)


Blast?! @HopscotchRemixer, look who’s on.

First off, I barely understand any of that because you’re over my head, but I think you’re taking things from money making perspectives. I understand their need to make money to keep HS running, but I feel like you’re probably right.


Yes he typed a bunch of stuff in my GT, I know


Will all users who have made a lot of topics like that (which are due for being made more code-related) be banned?


Nope. User’s wont be banned or anything. Those topics will just be closed and archived.