Changes to the forum



I’m not angry.
I’m simply debating for my case.


I have been here since November. I am not new. I am literally on here a bit everyday. And I understand

Go to Awesome_E’s topic on this

Hey, idk what to say anymore. You will find your place when the time comes


Here’s My Opinion


Yes. These are the positives


You are new, in the span of all the forumers.

I’m going to find my place, and it probably won’t be on here with these guidelines.


You didn’t have to ask coding questions in GTs.
People that want to respond to coding questions usually respond in topics that are specifically about coding.


Not really
Comparing to you, I am more active and read more


Great thanks for that :+1:t2:


It still means you’re new though…


New doesn’t mean how much time you spend on here. It means how long (in context to a year or however long the forum has been alive) you have been on here.


Not really


Not really


Sounds cool to me :+1:


If you’re ten years old and you do more stuff than a comatose 80 year old, you’re still new when compared to the 80 year old


Yes, but you must factor in other things too


Yeah. You still haven’t been on for that long.
When I was a newer (that was just to make you happy) I read just as much as you. Now, I only read what I want to read and don’t waste my time.


What must I factor in to get the formula of newness right?


Guys let’s chill a tad more and also stay on topic


Ok I’ll quit it because I dont want to get in trouble before my questions are answered


Nah, you shouldn’t be banned for supporting democracy. In fact, American media is always saying that Russia doesn’t respect our democracy and tries to infiltrate it, so we shouldn’t ban a Russian who apparently does support it.