Changes to the forum



nah, it’s cool
would’ve been gone sooner or later
i only wish i could like your posts from there my heart is exploding


wait i read it ohmygod dmf that’s so sweet you’re one of my best forum friends as well jlsajafllsifhdghdjgkjjghghjkgdhjdg ilyyyyyyyy
if you watch my HS acc over the rest of the week i may or may not post something that may or may not relate to possibly communicating in the future


GT’s will be gone in like 4 days ;-;

  1. I’m not sure
  2. they’re being archived because a lot of people edit old posts and can use it as a means of CoF, and they oduldd get hurt.
    We’re archiving most of the old topics we find vecasuwe don’t want that happening and the dt is a decent please to start.
    Were there a better option which meant that posts could still be liked but not edited, we’d probably take that. But since there isn’t, this is what we have to do

  1. Most people’s GTs are there most like topic, so you can still access them from your profile easily. You can also bookmark and save links. There are several ways to still access them.
    2.The Drawing topics aren’t being archived. Well…sort of. We will archive them temporarily to prevent global editing and then unarchive them. We aren’t changing anything about them (as far as I know).


GTs are going to be deprecated, the DT will stay open (only the old ones are getting archived so that editing doesn’t happen


No it’s permanent archiving


That’s called anarchy
Violates my rights

I got my acc back




Thanks for all your help @FearlessPhoenix, @HopscotchRemixer, @Awesome_E!!

also, just a general question: do u have an exact time this will be happening from? I live in Australia so April 9 for me comes slightly earlier than for the rest of the world :+1:t2::+1:t2:


Yeah no problem dude.

I’d say April 9th Europe time bc that’s where Ana is.
So maybe late April 9th / early April 10 your time


Will the new, everyone’s gt thing, have to be coding chat or can it be anything chat (that’s appropriate ofc)?


I’ve heard a general chatting topic is going to be created. if this is true when will that be made


I think that they want only code-related stuff, but they are keeping the DT open


April 9th


As you add more guidelines to the community, I was wondering a couple of things.
How does this new strike on general topics affect the “no communication outside of the forum” rule? I have been talking to a couple people for a long time (about topics mostly unrelated to code), and you can’t expect me to change the conversation to just coding. Since you are unable to support unrelated conversations, I want to know what I am supposed to do. I know you said it was “cliquey”, but I would like to have another option open besides the General Discussions topic. That isn’t going to cover it.

Is the “Deprecated” tag a topic for just skills in coding? (Semi-stupid question) That was a little unclear, how you just said “want to show off a new skill you have mastered?”. It’s a little strange to continue with the Drawing Topics, when most of them do not have anything to do with Hopscotch coding. I assume all forum games will be closed as well.

My last question- why do you think this will change the forum for the better?
We are completely going back in time to a couple years ago, complete with leaders (the new ones are much more controlling (sorry leaders but it is true) and a bland, undiverse forum. Even then it was probably better. I won’t be suprised when a new guideline is “any talk about things unrelated to coding results in ban”. Absolutely no talking about life outside the forum.

There are definitely not going to be as many forum users, because everyone likes to talk to other people about things besides coding.
I for one, do not belong here anymore then, but I guess that is handful off the leaders hands.
I know that I agreed to the guidelines, but this is just plain weird. It’s like just SHUT UP AND TALK ABOUT CODING. Even in the tag “random” you had to say “discuss anything and everything coding related.
It just doesn’t seem right. I thought the forum was a place to meet hopscotchers that you have seen code on the app. I can’t agree with the people that say this is “for the better”.
@FearlessPhoenix- here’s the post. I don’t want to respond in my general topic because it can’t hit 10k.
I would like a response to my questions, thank you very much.


True, true

But THT wants to steer the forum back to coding. They feel as if the forum is mainly GT’s and random stuff.

Because the lack of rules/enforcement of them led to chaos and people getting away with things they shouldn’t have gotten away with

It is

I have to respectfully disagree. @Awesome_E brought up a very good point. You have focus on the positives and block the negatives. An example is a glass half-full situation, is the glass half-full or half-empty?

That’s prob not gonna happen

That’s true. You have a point

GweTV GT With Memes (cringe warning) (Bye GT's, we'll miss you!)

Not seeing the positives in my case.
You wouldn’t understand. You are a new person here.

Yeah. The people who want to talk about coding talk about coding. The people who want to meet hopscotchers that they saw on the Hopscotch app meet them and talk to them.

OMG WHEN THERE WERE NO LEADERS I SLIPPED THE RULES SO MUCH!!! Can you believe that I called someone at my school an “idiot”?!?! I know right?! So risky.


Everyone CALM down ge. (What have I gotten myself into?)


Btw, how do y’all know when someone is editing a post? It’s like y’all are seriously watching every post ever created.