Changes to the forum



I’m probably just gonna leave after this tbh. At least I won’t really be active


I will be closing any new General Topics that get created, simply because there would be no point in them being open for such a short period of time.


Hm? That’s super odd…

Edit: I mean, I think if you want to brand your account as “collab” (sharing pass), I don’t see the problem with that :man_shrugging: maybe Ana has a better explanation than me


@Ana I had an idea

Because of gts being removed, shouldn’t there be a category for everyone to create their own code-related gts?

Continuing the discussion from this post:

Gts can be useful for the sharing of projects so rather than the complete removal of the gts, we can modify the gts category to have something,like a “project libraries” category where hopscotchers can post anything code related.

I think the more topics that are created because a user has to create a new topic for every project and every question they have, this will take more storage and this could result in heavier costs

I understand that doing this might result in less visits to the forum, saving you guys money but the production of topics occupying storage could eventually rise faster than the creation of users

However, as you are part of THT, I can see that the choices you are making will be wise and I shall respect them


I already asked this, look here @UTheDevHS


Ok i’ll quote


Or look at the image


Email Ana

She explained why I am on hold


i saw the reason, but thanks


I think this is the change the forum needed. I’m glad to see the leaders shifting the focus back towards programming.


Hey @GweTV_Backup why were you on hold?


For posting links to my art website


Are you off the on hold thing


Hello people. I am here to put my opinions in on what I think about gt’s closing.

My Speech

So, gt’s are closing. What do I think about this? I personally am not fond of it, but I respect THT’s choices and I believe that this will be for the better good for the whole coding community as well, as this will allow for a larger quantity of actually code based projects. This is just another step in the long evolution of the Hopscotch forum, and a big yet necessary one. The one thing I don’t agree with, is the closing of all GT’s. I would prefer to have one, global forum for all users on here. This would allow for user to chat when necessary, yet this would allow for the focus of coding to expand more in the forum. So I am all for THT’s changes as long as there is one, global gt. But that’s just my suggestion.

Thank you for your time


That’s a good point, I respect that


Thank you.


No problem
And Ana said there was going to be one Gt, by the way :slight_smile:


Oh cool. I though that might be the case, but I wasn’t sure. Well, everything is going to be fine then :slight_smile:


Yep, I suppose it is


Hello @Ana (and another other leaders who happen to read this).

Like many others, I am excited to see the changes coming to this forum but I also have a few queries about this whole situation.

1. Where will the GTs go?

I understand that from April 9th onwards that GTs will no longer be allowed on the forum. From what I’ve inferred, the #gt category will also be removed as a result. You, and multiple other leaders, have also said that instead of deleting any old GTs, they’ll just be closed and archived so no one can reply and like on them.

The one question I have to ask about this is where are all these topics going to be disappearing to. Upon removing the #gt category, a lot of GTs will be stuck in some sort of void—they wouldn’t have an official category and I imagine they wouldn’t be able to be seen anymore (from what I’m guessing). Considering you’ve told everyone that they’ll still be viewable, this would definitely cause a panic among the community.

Side note: This kind of thing happened a while ago in mid 2017 when they very briefly removed the #help (deprecated) category. A lot of topics very suddenly disappeared and everyone freaked out, so eventually, the leader team at the time had to bring the whole category back.

2. Why are the drawing topics being archived?

This one’s not as major as my first point, it’s more of just a small inquiry.

I’ve learnt recently that archiving topics means you are not able to like any posts on that topic. Most of the old art topics have been archived as of the announcement of this change to the forum. Sometimes, myself (and other formers included) feel like liking an old picture on one of the older art topics because we think it’s rad and we want to show our support. I personally think that they shouldn’t be archived so we can support other people but I was just wondering why this was the case.

I almost considered sending through as an email to the team but I thought it would be better of here as many people might want to know the answers to these questions as well.

Hopefully this whole post isn’t too demanding of you! Hope to see good things to come :))