Changes to the forum




no, it isn’t your fault!


i need explaination too, but i won’t be surprised if they don’t reply


i’m not really sad. i won’t beg for being unbanned because i’m not going to accept her new rules.

it took old THT (when Liza was there) almost a year to make this forum popular (among hopscotchers). and now it all will be ruined.

i know that GTs won’t be deleted, but it isn’t a big deal, it isn’t a reason to stay silent.


Welcome @JamieLanger


if you didn’t agree with new rules, it could be a reason for banning your main acc

sorry for grammar


@DaughterOfHades i’m really sorry for closing your GT ;-; it is my fault

btw i’m @DMF


How did you close her gt?
Did you flag it or something?


it was closed because i was trying to find a way to contact BlackSeal after GTs will be closed

sorry for grammar again


Nah it’s fine xD
why is your profile picture of a duck?


it’s a goose

my geese were killed on August 22. i can’t forget it. so one of my geese is on my pfp


sends hug



i’m sure i’ll be banned for chatting. (i’m talking about this account)


i hope you weren’t banned


hmm not yet
i’m still waiting for my turn


Oh my goodness thank you so so so much. I know I’m never on but I would love to be able to go back and see all the old memories.


Yeah I know.


With this new stuff, I’m pretty sure that the chatting will increase on hopscotch. All the stuff that we don’t want on hopscotch will just become more.




I think we should have an election about the gts. #Democracy


i agree.

come on, ban me