Changes to the forum



What’s going on now?

Has everything chilled out?


So true.


@DMF you are now one of my friends because of that post


Yup, I had to get the confirmation earlier today, and fortunately it is only archiving.


And we thought we had freedom of speech.



Do you know anyone who is also on hold?


There is no free speech here, only freeze peach.


You are on hold


Just me?
I meant other people lol


I know there are some people but I can’t remember who




Chicken girl, DMF, GweTV, maybe more

Idk why and I will stay out of that bc it is not my business


This is sad and will be a big change but it was bound to happen eventually :(



i don’t care that i was banned, and i’m not going to try to be unbanned, just because i don’t support that change
-DMF (this account is also going to be banned)


thanks :))

remember when you were a helper? forum has changed so much


we were banne.d for having our own opinion, i guess. i was banne.d because i asked @blackseal abt her hs account




i think it was because of the bk link?
if that’s the case, then it’s my fault too. sorry.




I just need an explanation, so does DMF and ChickenGirl

I think (in my case) they put me on hold for spam, which I’ll admit I have done, but it was when I was new and didn’t really understand what “Spam” was. I stopped when I realized that I was “spam.ming”

This is just a theory, but I stopped spam.ming and this all happened 4+ months ago

If they are gonna put me on hold with no explanation, I will leave

Simple as that