Changes to the forum




Ι’ll spread the news


Some people are banned too.


or suspended, or put on hold.


Like one of my old friends. Ahem.


like me…




Who are you?


I’m @Kayro, currently using my friend’s account.


@Ana, hey I was wondering if you could unsuspend, or postpone @Kitty4U’s suspension.

So they can gather all their old posts and things from their general topic.



u is no the real alish… real alish is this one…

AND posts will already be saved cause they aren’t deleting topics


Thanks Ana and the leaders!


Ok thank goodness the drawing topic stays

It’s kinda sad to see GTs go, but they wern’t really coding related and the leaders have their reasons


Wow, what a great solution. Trying to keep people from leaving, that’s nice


I know already lol - I’m the one who emailed her. Thank you very much Ana!


Thanks, I got unsuspended!


Please, remember our agreement.


Of course.
I have a question: Can we have a topic that’s like a portal, linking to all the old and archived topics?
This way, people can revisit their general topic.


That does make sense


Hey @Ana , sorry to burden you with another question yet again but what about the H.A.B topic, as in will that be closed as well?


Yes, I actually do.

I know,