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I have heard people ask this. Here is your answer

Drawing On Paper Compared to an iPad (Shading, Shaping, etc) Topic 20 [OFFICIAL]

Also the topics won’t be deleted, like everyone thought. They will be archived and closed (still viewable). In fact archiving a topic makes the topic set in stone, so nobody can change anything about it.

Question about how to implement certain variables
Good News! April 9 2019
Good News! April 9 2019



Well I just deleted some bookmarks oof but I have the screenshots


I’m staying because I’m hoping this will turn the forum into a better place, with or without gts.


I’m more excited to see what happens


Whew, so we won’t loose all the posts…


Same too

I think several people have already left tho


@Ana is it ok to make a coding topic where i can post project updates/new projects, or will there be one for everyone or something?


do you support that decision? i am not trying to be rude, i’m just curious. really.


in my opinion, GTs and Menta.l Health topic are necessary, because people that use them want to talk to their old hopscotch friends. if somebody is going to tell that forum isn’t a place to talk but to discuss hopscotch and it’s better to talk to your hs friends with help of other social medias, it’s communication outside the forum, which isn’t allowed ;)))
that GTs decision will finally ruin everything.

you can ban me if you want. i don’t really care. more than 50% hops will leave this forum. it is sad.

in case i get banned: i thought i had freedom of speech.


Yes it makes no sense

The title was like “coding contest”

Someone comes in and gets the topic closed bc they say inappropriate things

And don’t get me started on omtl with new users


i made a forum game and hmm
it wasn’t related to coding?


I haven’t seen anyone spamtag the omtl since ShiningStar.


Actually Smurfy sometimes


2 topics got closed before i finished typing, cool.


Oh yeah that too


No just tag omtl once

People say don’t tag omtl for this


Uhh srsly dude? Ppl r losing years of memories and some ppl don’t code so they have no place here anymore. It not that hard to see ppls reasoning for being upset.


for anyone interested who is watching this topic: just received clarification from Ana that the gts are not being deleted. they will instead be closed and archived. this means that you will be able to view the posts in your gt, but you won’t be able to edit reply to them. hope this helps :)

A Note about our GT’s