Changes to the forum


Doesn’t archiving make the topic unaccessible? Sorry, I’m new to this.


That sounds better than permanently deleting them.

2.2 k of my likes were on that GT!


Close and you can’t edit, like, or delete posts or title


Oh, I see.
I think the original poster should have a link to the topic. This could solve the problem of losing memories.

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Yeah I’ve had good times on gts
And now those will be gone so what is it worth to stay


Yes, it must be devastating for people with more than 3+ years on a single topic!
Kitty4u has had their general topic for 2 years.

I ran out of replies:

@/HardcoreHufflepuff Hi!
It seems that you share the same sentiments as many people. It’s sad, of course but I understand the reasoning. However there are many more ways to deal with these issues. The hopscotch team should rethink this.

@/Stylishpoopemoji33 That’s not very old, so please try to understand the point of view of others.

@/Awesome_E That must be terrible to say goodbye to! Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to save it.

@/BlackSeal That’s true. After this, I think a lot of the forum will move.

@/Awesome_E It is a big deal! You may not have been as invested in the forum as others. But Kitty4u has spent a sixth of their life with this community and their general topic, and it’s disappointing to see people not able to have the same experience.

@/Awesome_E Yes, it is. Kitty4u said that the forum has discussed this already to no avail, and that they know how this will play out. This change is drastic and a big jump. Perhaps it is better to ease in to this new forum.


I have had mine for two months ish…


not to be angsty but do they realize everyone’s gonna leave the forum


I’m staying! The forum is a great place, with or without GTs!

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hhh same! just after i joined the forum, someone yelled at me for creating a topic that’s wasn’t code related.


which is like,, not their fault cause yeah people haven’t been using it for coding and there’s other places for other stuff


I absolutely agree

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Yey July 2016

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  • I have a feeling THT will advertise their forum on Hopscotch on April 10th through a published project and this all leads to that
  • No

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Not deleted, and I can always see it when I need to
@discobot fortune will this go well


:crystal_ball: It is certain


they’ll need new users when most of us leave, right?


Most of us? Some people will leave, yes. Idk they just want to refocus the intention of the forum back to what it is supposed to be… I know a lot of people will leave, but 1) DT stays open, 2) it’s just gts, I know people love them, but it’s not too big a deal

But yeah they will want new people to join the forum, and apparently parent complaints suggest that they were not happy with the current state


they can always stay in touch thanks to discord or insta, people didn’t respect the “no communication outside the forum” rule anyways


I know it’s a big deal to some people, but it’s not their everything. The Hopscotch Forum is made for Hopscotch, right? You kinda have to expect that.