Changes to the forum



Dear Hopscotchers,

As some of you know we’ve been looking at the purpose of the forum and how we can best achieve that.

As it was mentioned before, we want the forum to be a place where you can ask questions, get help and learn about coding with Hopscotch. There are lots of other places on the Internet where you can discuss all sorts of things We don’t want a forum that is average at a lot of different things, we want a forum that is an exceptional place to talk and learn about coding in Hopscotch. Thank you for your feedback on how we can accomplish this!

Starting next Tuesday, April 9th the forum will get a reorganization. The categories you’ll be able to use are:

Debug my Code: x168 Ask questions about your Hopscotch code. If you have a question about a specific area of your code, there might be another category for it (for example, if you don’t understand clones, ask about them.

Open Source Code: x296 Share and find ready-to-use code, like backgrounds, controllers, character assets, drawing pads, you name it. Code made by Hopscotchers for Hopscotchers.

Collabs/Req/Competes: x3865 Join a coding club or challenge your creativity in a competition. Or, start your own! Coding is better with peers.

Design/Color/Sound: x84 Discuss colors, backgrounds, sounds, or anything related to the design of your projects.

Control Blocks: x18 Ask questions or post ideas related to the blue Control Blocks in Hopscotch. Control Blocks help you to abstract your code—using them will help you do a lot with a little.

Math: x83 Ask questions about geometry, how to use Math blocks and Sine & Cosine here. Math is awesome.

Bugs with HS: x633 Report problems with the Hopscotch iPad and iPhone apps. Make sure to include the version of Hopscotch you’re using, as well as your device type (iPad/iPhone) and iOS version.

Meta-HS: x789 New suggestions or just want to share the love? Talk about the Hopscotch app. Share tips & tricks, and ideas for projects, too.

Meta-Forum: x673 Talk about the forum! Share your ideas on how the forum could be improved, suggest a new category, explain how the forum works.

Random: x1921 Discuss anything and everything code-related that isn’t covered by other categories. Collaborate on ideas (and meet new friends through coding together), announce your newest project or library.

Deprecated: x17987 Wanna learn a new skill? Or show off something you’ve mastered? You’re in the right place.

Lounge: x1163 A category exclusive to members with trust level 3 and higher.

At that date, the sections not mentioned here will be closed. Topics that aren’t covered (Mental Health, LGBT topic and General Topics) won’t be allowed. These topics are non-code related. New users of the forum have told us GT’s have made them feel unwelcome and have made the forum seem like a cliquey place.

As for LGBT and Mental Health – there are much better places on the Internet which are much more relevant for you to use than the Hopscotch forum.


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Why are so many topics being closed?

Does that mean we should delete our general topics?


Nice, going back to 2016


So there will be no more GT’s?


Maybe we should vote on the GTs thing. I honestly think after this topic, the number of forum users will drop.


No, there will be no more GTs.
You have a week til April 9th to get all of your stuff etc from GTs, then on that day they’ll be deleted


There will be a pinned general discussion topic


will the drawing topic and/or the imagination topic also be deleted? it’s not code related either.


We’re discussing that.
Ana will probably get back to y’all about it


What about the drawing topic?

Also, I think I’ll be a little less active now that a lot of the stuff on here will be gone. ):


THT considered it, and have decided that the pros outweigh the cons. GTs are gonna have to go


The DT should be fine, it belongs in the Collabs, Competition, Requests



What do u mean?


Wow, Ana actually looked at my suggestion instead of GT’s


You can grab screenshots and specials posts etc but after that they’ll all be deleted.


Shouldn’t we just close them and archive them? Not unlist


Ana said they’ll be deleted completely


Oh so all GT’s will be deleted???


Ok then I guess