Changes to leadership in the forum


Hey Hopscotchers,

I wanted to let you know that we’re rethinking the way that we moderate the forum. For the last year, we’ve had Hopscotchers serve as leaders and moderators who help us keep the forum safe and supportive for everyone.

The moderators have done an awesome job and have helped everyone else become a better coder and member of the community. We’re super grateful for all their hard and thoughtful work!

At the same time, we also have realized that we’re not able to give the leaders and moderators all the support they need to grow. So, for now, we’re going to roll back the leadership level and reserve this for members of The Hopscotch Team.

Most important is to remember that many of you already are leaders—by helping other people, being kind, and upholding the community guidelines you are a leader. Keep it up! This is your forum — help make the kind of place you're proud to be a part of.


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Thanks, and I am always trying to keep the forum happy, safe, and clean!!


Everyone is a leader :slight_smile:


Thanks for this announcement! C:

Just because they don't have a badge doesn't mean that they can't help! :slight_smile:

Also, I think that while some may be disappointed, you guys are helping get out the message that you don't need a badge to be a leader!

PS- Will you guys also continue to moderate flags?

PPS- So will the HT members be the only mods and will other HSers be leaders, or will they be demoted to regular?


So no more leaders?

Well, ok then!


I believe that everyone is a leader in some way!






Thank you so much for telling us! I agree, everyone is a leader! :D


Thanks @Liza! You are right, everyone is a leader.


Thanks for the announcement
I just don't get it
There's gonna be no more leaders?


For me it's OK
I'm just a member XD


Only as THT grows


@MobCraft ohhhhhhhhhh


It's just gonna be THT


I'm curios what will the old leaders say


Ok. So no new mods and the old ones are demoted to leader.


All the leaders and mods were demoted to regular. At least that's how it seems right now.


Ok. But it still says they have leader badges...?


Trust level badges usually don't go away until overnight. It says their trust level on their profile.