Changes to Channels on Hopscotch?



I was thinking recently about the different channels that are available to use and I believe some are not suited to the needs of hopscotch at this time. I think the #help and #games ones are fine but I think maybe the #art channel could be split into more topics. There are a lot of different types of art published on hopscotch! I'm also pretty sure #movies isn't used too much.

I'd really like to know if you have any other ideas about new channels (or changes to current ones)!


First reply!

And #websites isn't used very often.
I don't think I can help solve this problem, though it is a good question!


I don't think it's a major issue but just something to think about for the next update (if THT have the time)


I think the categories we have are already all good! And even tho there are dif. Types of art, we can't have a categories for every type of art. Hopscotch is more for coding than art, so all art can just go into one art place. That's my opinion, no offense to anyone!


That's a good point about coding, art isn't really the idea of hopscotch. Some types of art like trail and pixel do use quite a bit of coding though.


Yah, like trail art and pixel art should. But there should be one category for drawn art!


Sometimes people post a project 5 times to all of the categories, just because they want to get noticed. This annoys me sooooooooooooo much.... And I definitely agree with what u said @MelodiousParrot


I agree! But also with @bluedogmc-official :)

I think they should keep the channels, but add new ones! Like #pixelart and #trailart :DD