Change The Characters Name!



We all love the names of the hopscotch characters, but sometimes, when making a movie, it's a little annoying having your character's name star girl and not Emily, so I have recently found a way to change the name of the hopscotch characters!

Hope this helps!

Bug With Drawing? Anyone else experiencing this?

Thanks this helped so much NOW lets have some fun


This is a great tutorial @SQUISHY! :smiley:


This is also great if you have multiple characters of the same type (ex. a lot of Chillanas all numbered Chillana1, Chillana2 etc). You can change their names so it's easier to organise code. :wink:
oh and <3


This is an old trick. When I had my first account I discovered this. It's a great tutorial for new people. However, it sadly does not work on text as far as I know. I would use it in nPad X and other iPads because you might have duplicate texts that look the same but do different things. :pensive:


This is a great tutorial @SQUISHY! I never knew you could do that! :grinning:


Awesome that's great!


This is awesome! And wow...


OMG awesome!! That is soo super cool!