private message petition


This was a bad idea so don't hate
Mr hot dog gave me the idea

I'm not sure if that's the right link but a bunch of people want PMs so I made a petition
Please vote for it or whatever
This isn't a big deal why did I do this I'll probably get banned


It's th admins choice.

And, to sign the petition you have to put abunch of personal info.

I don't think we need to petition against THT. The forum if for hopscotch. All code should be shared.


You could put in a fake address like the rest of us lol please calm down
You don't need to sign it though
We're not making you


It give people a opportunity to communicate with you privately through there info also

And I calmly stated why I disagree. I don't think you need to tell me to calm down.


I made one to .-.


@MrHotdog64 do you believe in communication outside of the forum


Uhhh not really. I'm happy YouTube is allowed


I believe in it and anonymous does it


... but he's not banned...


Here's my topic I made for it: