Change My Username - Request


yeah you can change names i went from Follow4LikesOfficial to Anonymous


lol no it was just to make people not think about requesting too much


How did that get 7 likes???


It does.

I tested it earlier.


It doesn’t work for me. I tried on Discourse Meta, then also on here. Both accounts are member. It says “You are not permitted to view the requested resource”


Whose username got changed?


…Oh. ^^;

So much for keeping it going amirite


Hmmmm… you know how to get to the screen where you can change your name? Because it let me.


I tested it earlier today after I heard it works.

It didn’t.




You can get there, but not actually change the name.


That’s what it told me, too. Maybe since you were promoted to Leader previously, it tracked your IP, for whatever odd reason, and let you through… odd. Discourse is weird.


I can get to the screen, just not successfully change it.

It says I’m not permitted to view the requested rescource.

I think for you it’d be


That’s not the link, but please remove it, so people don’t go try to find it.


If I replace rawrbear with my name it gets me to my change username.

When you try to change it, it doesn’t work.


Okay, I get it, but you should remove the link, so people don’t go around trying to do it.

I’m saying that I tried to change it, and it did work.


So you used a different link, then?


Guys, let’s just end this conversation here so things don’t get out of hand. Thanks!


.-. I tried on all three of my accounts. (Ignore I just admitted I’m @KyloRen) and it never worked.


Missed you lovelalalal