Change My Username - Request


they’re able to change your username but they won’t.
Ive heard that the latest time they did it the whole forum became laggy in a while.

for more information ask Anonymous




Look at one of my topics that has an eye next to the title ( aka its unlisted )


Yeah, you can change your username, and there is a setting that only admins can change which also changes your username. But, they don’t do it because it does destroy tags, and I think that you can change your username the first three days because you probably haven’t get tagged so much that the tags and the forum might get laggy.
This is an official post by one of the Discource developers (@codinghorror) on the Discource forum:
It says this:

Then you can set the site setting value to whatever you want, right now it defaults to a 3 day window after signup. Set it to 999999 if you like.
Note that all @username references to that user in post text will be broken after the name change.

So, the tags will not work if you change the username, but you are right, the admins (like @Liza for example), need to change a setting called “username_change_period” or access another kind of setting. I think that they don’t do it because it will break a lot of tags, and it might be like titles as well, they might not want everyone to change their username, but I agree, it is cool, and if you want to do it, I hope that it can be done. You could e-mail THT about it.


Ok ok ok ok ok ok


Well, it’s been done before, and the forum still works fine. It’s just that all tags of the previous username won’t work anymore (obviously because that name no longer exists).


Yeah, it’s more of a hassle thing- it would be really annoying to manually change usernames for everyone who wanted it to, and if you could change it yourself, then everyone would change it every 3 seconds, like it is on Hopscotch. Then there would be broken tags everywhere, and people would be confused. In short, it really just isn’t a good idea.


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They can change your username, I thought that was common knowledge. But the thing is, they don’t- it could mess up the tagging system and lag the Forum. So yeah, they technically can change usernames, but they don’t unless your name is inappropriate.



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Everyone posted okay then Wyn wrote this full on reply XD.

I don’t really know anything about this… but I do remember reading a topic on discourse about that a leader/staff could change a username.


Won’t change your username for you, unfortunately. Back when there were kid leaders, they changed Anonymous’s username from F4LO to Anonymous on the forum. He had so many posts, the forum servers froze for a few minutes when the tags in the tag system were broken. From then on, they vowed not to change another name ever.


Not to mention that the servers would totally die every time someone does change their name. XD


No, they actually wouldn’t. It’s not that big of a deal for the servers to handle a name change. Maybe with so many people doing it, but the servers can easily handle a name change.

I know how to change your name, but I’ve never tested it, so it might not work.


I know how to do it without THT but it breaks the tags and stuff


I do too - as a regular, it doesn’t work. (Don’t ask, heh.)

The forum has to commit changes to the HTML, and since the user has posted so many times, it’ll take time to change every single username in every single post.


I just tested it on a different account, and it worked.


Wow, really? Said that there were invalid permissions for me, but the last time I tried it was pretty long ago.

Does that account have basic yet?


Member, actually.


Yeah, that’s pretty much what I meant XD Although there may be more to it then just the tag stuff. For one thing, it would definitely confuse a lot of people :0


It doesn’t.

I’ve tested it.