Change my name?



Hi guys, I've been thinking of changing my name since thinking of game names starting with mellow have been a bit hard. Changing my name will result in deleting every game I have except for the games in development still. Such as Mellow Chef (name will change), Little Coders, and a secret game i want you to be surprised by! I will pretty much restart my hopscotch life to be more organized considering i have 34838589283923928398293293829839283982399823929382938 drafts. WILL ALSO FOCUS ON 1 TOPIC AFTER NAME CHANGE

Please dont just say my name is awesome. Be honest. If you really think that, that is fine, but I am desperate to change my name! Votes are due at 4:00 PM Est Time on 10/14/16

  • Change Name to Lemon Studios
  • Change name to Yellow Studios
  • Change name to FriendlyCoder
  • Change name to none of the above (if you chose this please reply with what name you want!)
  • No! Dont change your name! It is awesome


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I like your username! I also like Lemon Studios. Anything is good! :slight_smile:


Like @Madi_Hopscotch_ I like your name and see no problem...


Nah, it's is kewl!!!


Check that out ^^


Please vote in the poll, it helps a lot. :wink:


I checked your posts, this isnt like the roblox forum. The staff bans you. Trust me, i know.



I said but except with two t

@TheRainbowChicken, quote this


That isn't appropriate. Can you please delete your post or change it, otherwise I will flag it.


Flag it

I don't see how that is a mean word but y'all are sensitive


There are some little kids around here. Also you might want to read the community guidelines


You sweared before and were rude to Gilbert. The hopscotch forum is a childs community. We want to keep it safe for kids, and kids are sensative. If it blocks it, theyll probably think its a bad word. Please dont post it if it is


That is really rude. Can you please change it?


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