Change/Add new blocks?



THT should add a ‘Repeat while x=true’ and a ‘Wait until x=true’ block. That would make so many things easier. I also agree with other people saying a delete clone/ clear clones block would be good. Any other ideas? Maybe an edit to the sound block to change pitch and volume? A variable that displayed th FPS would be good.


You can do this with nested ability blocks (the rainbow ones) like this:

Ability Block A {

If x = this {
— Then do this
} else {
— Ability Block A



I suppose that works, but it would still be neater to have an actual dedicated block for it.


Yeah that is true it would be super helpful if they did

I have a topic for block ideas I’ll post a link


I have a few posts in there with some random ideas


Quite the list! I’m impressed. Some of those would be really helpful.


Thank you!
I hear Hopscotch might be adding delete clones, parameters, scenes, and more. We shall see :D

It really is too bad they haven’t updated their blocks ever since 2016


You should have mentioned that non-premium users can do this.



That’s true
But it’s sort of like the images I guess

It costs a lot of money for Hopscotch to have people monitor these things


I agree. It is a very good idea that you have! It would be cool to see in Hopscotch.


Tht are working on this. I believe a recent update also improved it a bit.

i think they’re working on these too