I know yes I know.


This sounds cool! Where can I find the games to play?

If this is a unique challenge, I don’t see why it can’t have its own topic.

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Here’s that one:

*You can see at the end of Level 4 (Level 2 Part 2) that I actually had 5 flowers and a glitch added one at the end – though that is up to you to decide whether that counts as 5 or 6

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25.78 as you can see right after I finish the first game (from this post if that is ok)

Challenge accepted (23.1 from first frame to touching flag – this uses a project modified only for keyboard support that was originally made for the Peak Platformers speedrun)

21.3 from first frame to touching finish in last level

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Looks like there is already a topic about this. Next time I would sbyp, which stands for:

All it means is that you should search to see if a topic like yours already exists. If it doesn’t exist, make a new topic (I love hearing new ideas!). If it does already exist, then reply to that topic.

Thank you!

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My bad. I hope everyone has fun speed running


Yes we do.


How do I join if I can’t post videos

Press the </> button then paste your link.

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Awesome e how do I post a video?

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You gotta use catbox (I think)


Whats that?

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this is my topic but with more challenges

Cool topic!

I Dunno this is impossible for me

That’s 5 yep

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New challenges!
Among us (by me):
1.Fastest Impostor: Kill all 3 CPUs as fast as possible!
2.Failer: Die as fast as possible
3. Survivor: Survive for as long as possible without staying still for over 10 seconds.

Hi @MinecraftNooob! I closed this topic because it was a while since someone posted here.

If you come back to the forum and want this reopened, just reply to this topic, and I or any other forum leader will do some for you!