Challenge yourself with these coding challenge ideas!



Hi! As the title says, this topic is for coding challenges :D

So the point of this topic is for us to share our coding challenges. Not contests, with deadlines and prizes. We'll just list our challenge ideas, and if anyone wants to challenge themselves they can come to this topic for a challenge idea!

First let's get to the rules of the topic.


  1. You can edit this topic to add your challenge ideas, but don't change anything else about the topic!

  2. Don't put any deadlines or prizes with your challenges.

  3. Be nice! Disagreements are perfectly fine, but fights are not allowed.

  4. When listing your idea, use proper grammar and give a good explanation of what the challenge is.

  5. Don't put a challenge idea that's already been added!

  6. Haaave fun!

Now the challenge ideas! List your ideas like this-

  • (Name of Challenge here)
    (Explanation here)


  • One Object Challenge
    Code something using only one character, image, text, or shape!

  • One Object Challenge variation (by MR.GAM3R)
    Code a project using only one type of character, shape, or image (no text objects allowed!). You can use as many of the same object as you need.

  • Animal Challenge
    Code something that has to do with animals!
    example(jungle explorersby THT)

  • Triad Challenge! (Can be Hopscotch-generated, HSB, and RGB)
    Code something with a triad (has to be a triad) color scheme!
    (by DECODECO)

  • Pleasing Style Challenge (Added by @Valgo)
    Code something that is nice and pleasing to look at. You could make a game with cool transitions between screens and smooth movement, or make some really satisfying shape or trail art!
    example(Lemonade stand by -madi-)

  • Another "one object challenge" variation
    Use one object, it can be a text, shape, anything but an image.
    NO clones or other objects.
    It'll be more impressive if it's a game.
    If you do this or the one variable challenge, @Petrichor would like to see the results.

  • The one Variable Challenge
    Make a game using as many objects as you want, but only one variable. This'll be more impressive if you
    Add a score
    Add a timer
    Add a fast BG using this method.
    You might be thinking that's impossible, but it's not. It'll just be slightly messy code.


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Nice! I did the one object thing for the clone challenge.


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I could easily do both challenges, for the one object, I can use the create clone, values, and set text blocks to create something. Sin and cos based would be my specialty.


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@DECODECO, what do you mean by a "true ad color scheme"?
Like three colors?


Look up "triad."


I did. So is it similar colors?


Three colors exactly H180 away from each other :slight_smile: