Challenge: Six!


There is a game on the AppStore called six!

It's a very fun but simple game. I feel that some people could really recreate it and make a great hopscotch version. It uses physics and realistic tilting and falling mechanisms.

If you think you could recreate this, let me know. I might try to but I'm not sure.

I'll get a picture of the app in a minute so you know what app I'm talking about!

People I feel could do this or would be interested:



I think my Mom has that game on her iPad. I'll watch her play it and see if I can make it! :D


Six would be super cool to make in Hopscotch! I can imagine there would be a lot of lag from the physics and "exploding" animation of the blocks, though. This is a great challenge for anyone who likes to make complex projects!



Here's the one:


I agree! If I were to make it, I wouldn't make has many animations to reduce lag, I would make it more simple.


My high score on the app is 1240!


I'll try to make it! Sound s fun!




This would be cool to make on HS! Since Hopscotch doesn't have a "Gravity" option it would be a little tricky with the physics but that would super cool to make! :smiley: I might try that sometime.


I've been thinking of doing it, but it would be really hard since it's a game with rigid-body physics.


Yeah, I saw that on her iPad!


I could code a square for you to use instead of a hexagon.
The square would bounce up a little when it bumps anything below it, and move left when bumping anything on its right and move right when bumping anything on its left.

The blocks beneath the square can be made invisible when tapped.
The game design would have to be different as sprites can't be made into proper solid objects with Hopscotch.
Like when a block is tapped, if the blocks x position is greater than the square, have the square slide right for example.
Or have some blocks that can only be destroyed when the square bumps into them

If you are seriously interested in making this game and would like my help, reply back and change the topic name to something like "Six-Collab"


I like your ideas. I am really interested. Is it ok if I make a new topic called six- collab?

I'm guessing the collab would be just you and me, unless you want to ask anyone else to help.

I have to warn you: I'm on as much has I can but might not always be on.



Thanks for the tag. Just downloaded & tried the game. It's an entertaining premise.

Looks like it would seriously challenging in Hopscotch. And if it's hard to do, that makes me interested! :wink: I'd be happy to observe progress and give feedback/assist if needed, but would avoid being a main contributor. My kids want to remake some game with ballons & dart throwing monkeys...



We could definetly use your help. We will tag you when we need help, or you can feel free to give feedback at any time. Thanks.

Also, how many kids do you have? (If you are ok sharing). I find it awesome that you are a parent coder! Do your kids code a lot?



I, ll start coding the square with the sensors and post a oink on my next reply


Ok! Are we going to post the game on your account then? :grinning:



You can copy the code i make for the square.
Thats the hardest part.


You can use any square shape.
Make sure the vertical text lines aren't touching the square and higher up than the square so when the squares bottom touches anything, the lines don't bump the shapes below them.
Also make the lines the background color and send them to the back to hide them.

Only the red shape can be tapped. You can copy the code for the red shape and apply it to all shapes.
I think a good idea is to have all the shapes moving up towards the screens top edge.

More stress can be added to the game by making the game end if any shapes bump the top of the screen, so all shapes have to be tapped to prevent them bumping the top screen edge.

Notice when the red shape is tapped and made invisible, the square moves left if the last touch X is less than the squares position, and the square moves right if the last touch X is greater than the squares X when a the red shape is tapped.
You can choose as many shapes as you want and there positions/angles.
You should have the shapes move by using set position + a value to move up .


Thank you! I'll work on it when I get home from school if I have time. We seem to always be on at opposite times!

Thanks again!

Should we make a new topic, or discuss the collab here?