Challenge ! Scroll


Ok so you have to scroll down on featured as far as you can and take a screenshot of the furthest down you got,Then you have to play it!
(Show the screenshot on this topic)



Ok! I'm in math right now, Lao I can't do it! I will do it as soon as possible, though.


Ok that's fine! Filling space


I was kinda lazy



Is that as far as it goes?


I think so.


You can't beat that!


Aw that's annoying now that's what everyone will be posting :cry:


Welcome to the forum aswell


You're cheating. And bragging. Sorry, but it's not nice to cheat and brag.


I can't go any futhur. I tried. But that was the first evr featured project! Congrats, @t1_hopscotch! You have the first feature! It was a year and one week ago! (52 weeks in a year!)


Cheating?!? I scrolled al the way to the bottom! That was the challenge. See how far down you can scroll on featured. And the can't beat that part you are all taking it the wrong way. If the comunity is going to call me names im done! Goodbye forum and hopscotch in general!


Wait you're leaving for Good?


Soooo yeah I had nothing better to do


Since there is a bottom of features, why not try to look far in rising?


Yes I was gonna say that


if you look on the pic about it says 65weeks so I don't think it's in time order


Not necessarily. And these aren't the oldest Featured projects, as some old ones were deleted because they don't work now.


Ill be nice and stay on hopscotch but nothing good has come from the forum so i am at least leaving the forum.