Challenge on Hopscotch


Hello everyone! Bubblepoppingboo here. I made a challenge but it looks like no one's seen it. Please check it out! Thank you for your time! ^U^

If you can, please do the challenge! Thanks!



Hi @bubblepoppingboo you're welcome to share coding challenges on the forum for other people to have a go at. But I don't know, if everyone on the forum made a post asking everyone else to check out a project they made, it wouldn't really be of much use to anyone else.


@t1_hopscotch Yeah I guess so, but I posted it twice and it looks like no one's submitted an entry.


That's okay I know it does take a bit of time for people to see what others are making, and plus there are so many Hopscotchers it's hard to see what everyone is making so people might not have been able to see your project yet.


Not everyone can check out everyone's projects but they may check out yours, it's just a matter of what likes those people have.