Challenge on Forum! For anyone!(Even for bad Artisits)



The reason I posted this challenge here is cuz my school deleted Hopscotch
Anyway your challenge is to draw my OC, Fluff! Results come in at 17th of Feb,2018.
An example of Fluff drawn on my computer is pasted below:

Good Luck People of Hopscotch! I will like your result and save your result in to my computer! I will even put it in my constructing website!



Cool I might do this.


Cool! Is it okay if you send the link to the website when it’s fully built? (Of course only if there’s no personal info :slight_smile: )


Your OC is cute, but I’m not that good at drawing, and I saw the title, so I will do it if I have time to.


ooh, this looks fun! i am not a very good artist, so i may try this out.