CHALLENGE! #MyFirstProject-WOW!




Go scroll all the way down in your published and find your very VERY first project that you ever did! Compare it to what you do now! I won't to capture that "OMG" and "WOW!" Moments... I want to see how it was then and how it is now! I bet you will be pretty embarrassed, I was like omg! Idea! So yah! Put the link here, just for some laughs. Then remix your first project, and title it #MyFirstProject-WOW! Please do it, it's really surprisingly fun!!!

Here is the link to my first project/the challenge:


I hope you can do it!


we don't talk about this

lol so unoriginal...a video project


My first published project was a pixel art!
I coded a lot before I started publishing, and didn't publish my first ever project, I can remember it, it was a hide and seek project, find cupcake!

The diamond pixel art!

And, the link!


Lol, you couldn't even write on the screen. :yum: But one question.... how do you even post a picture. I'm sooooooo new. :sweat_smile:


I believe mine was "The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask Moon!" Ahh, memories...

It only received about 2-3 likes, but that was a lot for me back then! Now I get 100+ and 20 isn't enough for me... :laughing:


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Yeah thanks! Everybody is so helpful! :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley::wink::wink::wink:



I know, the community here on the forums is amazing! I'd say it's 5 times better than on the app!! :smile:


Thanks! Here's a like! :heart:


Did you sprint out of likes? Or did you walk? Or did you jog? :P


I went sonic speed! You know what they say!


I need to go back and tell myself, "Use the No Mess technique you created a month or so after this!" and "Why isn't there an eraser? There has to be an eraser!"


I unpublished my first project, but it was bird doing all of the old abilities


My first project this was on my first acc.


If you didn't know, I went through four accounts. Calico original (which is now Calico (old)) , Calico, Calico 2.0 and then Velveeta Keeta.



Mine was this fighting game. I had a bit of expirience with the code though.

It was a project for my Tech class.


My first project was a contest on this account, but by first account (which i had to delete) was called "Bear and Jody Adventures"


Oh... Wow...
34 Weeks ago...



My first project was:

I got 1 like on it :stuck_out_tongue: